• A Guide To Finding A Band For Your Wedding

    When you go to an event where there is live music, it is has such a great effect for the entire event. It will create an atmosphere full of energy and a great vibe, which a DJ is unable to do. The right band chosen will be able to replicate the most famous music and still get your guests grooving in their seats while all the other procedures of the wedding take place. Go here https://redtieband.com.au/  for more information about bands. 

    If you want a specific type of music to be played, then you might need to consider hiring wedding musicians Brisbane whose live music will be upbeat and will stick to your exact requirement. There are many bands with different number of members who have got together to make music for special events as such. Here are a few tips that will help you find the perfect set of musicians from a sea of musicians.

    How can you find a band?

    There are three methods of finding the entertainers:

    • A couple can attend an event where they might find a band that they are interested in.
    • A family member or a friend who is satisfied by the performance provided might recommend the band.
    • You can always contact an entertainment agency that will be able to recommend a few potential groups that might catch your interest.
      How to make sure that you find the right band?
      As a couple, you should discuss together about the type of music and when you want the band to be performing. This is very important because there are a lot of other things that will be happening during your wedding, which needs to be focused on as well. You will need to bear in mind the prices of hiring and you should be having a budget in place to spend for the entertainment. Sometimes the prices will depend on the time of the year that you decide to have your wedding as well. Normally the first three months of the year is very slow for weddings and the prices are generally low. You can always consult an agency to compare prices as well so that you can get a discount.
      Band versus DJ?
      When there is a band playing, it impacts the event both sonically and visually. When there are a lot of guests attending, you will need something that will keep the energy running through the reception to make it one of the best weddings that your guests have ever attended. A band usually will get a break of fifteen minutes. If they band has been requested to continuously play, then an additional fee will be applicable.
      So remember, to do a little bit of research and follow a few simple tips to ensure that you choose the right group of musicians.

  • How To Hit The Music Jackpot

    If you’re about to get married and you still haven’t decided on the entertainment items and if you feel like there is “nothing good out there” or “nothing new out there” or if you’re just undecided, this article may help you come to decision.

    Live Music

    One of the most popular options available is hiring a band of wedding musicians Brisbane to make your big day magical. The reason this is sought after is the authenticity that it brings to your event. Having instruments and voices playing and singing in real time makes everything more real and intimate. The best part is, you can modify the playlist and go through the details of your first dance etc. with the band way before they play at the occasion. You can also decide when to start and stop – abrupt endings are not an issue, because real people are involved in the singing, and communication can be done smoothly without any issue. Finding your fix is easy as well – there are many bands, soloists and players out there that specialize in marriage occasions and that charge you reasonable (and often negotiable) prices that will suit your needs.

    Continuous Music

    Having a wedding DJ Brisbane is convenience at its best – you won’t have real voices singing (although special performances can be accommodated) but you will have the original versions of songs playing right throughout. As with the band, you can discuss beforehand with whoever you hire about the specific requests you have and what song you want playing at different points. Finding someone who is able to understand what you want is also quite easy – you only need to ask the last couple that got married or just check online. You will undoubtedly find many options to choose from and the choice will be yours.

    Special Performances

    As mentioned before, if you or your better half want to sing on your special day, or if someone in the retinue wants to perform, you can arrange for that to happen with the greatest of ease. Whichever type of entertainment you end up hiring, one simple conversation with them to accommodate a microphone and a backing track or back up music and vocals is sufficient to arrange everything you need for any special people to take the stage to perform a song. Make sure the person doing the performance is personally acquainted to the person in charge of the music so that they can coordinate freely without your intervention on your big day.

    The options are many, the combinations are few – whatever you choose, make sure you hire one of the best that your money can afford, because the best is what you deserve.

  • Tips To Organizing A Talent Show

    Organizing a talent show can be pretty stressful and hard. It is not a simple task. You have to be in charge of the whole set up, schedule and if anything goes wrong, it will be highlighted. That is why it is important to be well prepared for a special occasion as such. You need to start preparing weeks or months earlier to the set date. Here are some tips to help you out.


    The game plan is the key to winning the game. If you can put up a solid plan, there’s a higher chance that you will win this game. So, you need to start by planning. Sit down with your team and come up with all the necessary things like the date, theme, schedule, judge panel and even the decos. This way you will be able to come up with a great strategy. Also, you need to be well aware of the dates. It is always better to start planning months before the exact date of the show.


    Next, be aware of the sum you are willing to spend. For example; if your school or university doesn’t have a proper stage or if you are hoping to rent a hall or a stadium, you might have to check with your budget. If you want a budget friendly option, go with a stage hire. That way you will be able to save tons of cash. You will also have to think of the decoration, the lights, sound system and more. Anything that needs money or comes with a cost, write it down. Putting your budget or the financial statement into a proper file can help you figure out what you need and what you don’t. You will also have to come up with ways to earn the amount.


    If you are going with auditions, make sure you get the right panel of judges. Always have a proper score sheet to avoid unfairness. After the talents are selected for the finals make sure you advice them and give them the necessary time and items to practice. The talent show will be mainly focused on them. So, you need to be confident about their acts. Help them polish their talents before they enter the show. Boosting their confidence and providing them the necessary support will help this as well. After all, the audience is there to see the acts of the night.These are some things that you need to keep in mind when organizing talent show.